About Us

Pharmacy Mall is an online pharmaceutical company established in 1997. The first pharmacy having known under our brand was opened in 1997. From time to time, we have been developing in a great pharmacy chain including the various number of online stores.

Today, Pharmacy Mall is a large international Canadian company which joins more than 1000 customers from all over the world. We are a customer-oriented pharmacy because we are bright, dynamic, affordable and convenient. The company is actively developing its own storage facilities to ensure the quality of the supplied pharmacy

What is Pharmacy Mall?

Pharmacy Mall is:

  • bright and recognizable corporate identity, dynamic design, modern equipment;
  • a wide range of medications and herbal supplements, cosmetics;
  • a rich assortment;
  • the high quality of products guaranteed by the presence of a quality control department, a modern warehouse complex and direct deliveries from the manufacturer;
  • profitable bonus program that allows you to save money when buying online;
  • professionalism and high standard of customer service;
  • a modern, innovative website and its own referral service that allows you to get timely advice and order goods without leaving your home at competitive Canadian drug prices.

Quality control

Pharmacy Mall constantly monitors the quality of sold medications. We are oriented to assess the quality of meds at the manufacturers’ quality control department, which takes a number of measures, eliminating the possibility of counterfeit drugs and inadequate quality getting into our pharmacies.

All goods that are sold are either purchased from major national distributors, or under direct contracts with manufacturers, which significantly reduces the risk of low-quality products. Our special department conducts full input control of all goods entering our pharmacy. That is, drugs undergo double and triple control.

Strict observance of the rules of drugs’ certification, the legislation in the field of state policy on providing the population with drugs and other regulatory documents, guarantees the quality of all products offered to the buyer.