JPM Meeting Notes – MabVax Therapeutics (MBVX)

MabVax Therapeutics (MBVX) is another company I had a very opportunistic meeting with because they announced that morning the IND for MVT-1075 had been filed. If all goes smoothly, we should see MVT-1075 in the clinic in the second quarter 2017. Now we all know billions (if not trillions) of mice have been cured of cancer over the past several decades. We have an epidemic of cancer-free mice!

Yes, preclinical data is hard to get terribly excited about because incredible mouse data translates into diddly-squat in the clinic far too often. That being said, I’m still excited about MVT-1075. The preclinical data is just that good, and I like what I see so far with MVT-5873 (the naked antibody) and MVT-2163 (the PET-imaging agent). The Phase 1 trial with both these agents continue, but so far MabVax has demonstrated safety and target specification. MVT-1075 is up next and should provide the most exciting commercial opportunity of all three.

I do not have a whole lot new to report on MabVax. Investors can read what I wrote about the ongoing Phase 1 trial back in November. I’m expecting another interim update shortly and then the full data analysis potentially at AACR in early April 2017.

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