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Pharmacy Mall: Your Way to Buy Drugs Online

Pharmacy Mall is one of the largest pharmacy chains worldwide which already has more than thousands of customers. We are trying to be everywhere where people need to buy drugs even if it realizes online.

Our online service is well-known all over the world been established in 1997. We have gained thousands of customers due to high-quality service and low prices. Our main specialization is generics. We sell generics produced by authoritative Indian pharmaceutical companies meeting the Indian FDA requirements. Our staff is ready and delighted to help customers find our all the necessary information about every medication.Number #1 Drug SupplierPharmacy Mall offers:

High-quality generic medications

We guarantee the quality and lack of falsification. The order of goods is carried out directly from manufacturers or large authoritative drug manufacturers and suppliers of pharmaceutical products. All the medications included in the list have the necessary certificates. All preparations are stored and shipped exclusively according to all temperature regimen which guarantees your product will be delivered still effective to treat your disease.

More than 3000 items

We have a great assortment of products. We are not limited by any circumstances that’s why the range attracts the majority of our customers. The online catalog includes meds by mail from the following medical conditions: men’s health, erectile dysfunction, women’s health, antibiotics, birth control, antifungal, antiviral, asthma, allergy and many others.

Fast delivery

Your parcel will be processed within 24-48 hours when your credit card is debited. The delivery is internationally conducted by express and regular systems. The maximum delivery time of registered airmail is 30 days. Usually, this period includes 2-3 weeks. The express delivery lasts fewer days. It takes 5-9 days to bring the parcel.

Competitive prices

Ordering via our service is a good way to save money. Since all of our products come from authoritative drug manufacturers, there are no additional costs. Such rates are achieved due to generics’ sale. Our staff tries to make all customers feel healthier when treated with our drugs online.

Privacy Policy

We make everything possible to protect our customers from unwanted inconveniences. We encrypt customers’ personal data to prevent stealing of personal data. Also, our company guarantees not to trade and distribute the data left within the ordering. In the majority of cases, all the customers are satisfied with the work done. Our service may guarantee the quality but not responsible for its lack since we are nor manufacturers. We are traders renewing our stock from different Indian drug manufacturers.

Customer Care Support

At any time of the day and night, you are welcome to use our customer care department. We will respond to you in the shortest possible period of time. The maximum waiting period is 48 hours. We will do our best to improve the customer service of our store. Our main motto is to see all the customers satisfied. We also guarantee our customers refund or reshipment in the case something wrong happens with the parcel.

Definite Features

Our service is innovative – it is the first of its kind, offering traditional services to people in a new format. As for customer confidence, we provide copies of certificates for products upon request. You can find the license for the company’s pharmaceutical activities on the website. The online pharmacy does not need a warehouse as such – the delivery of funds goes directly from the supplier to the customer. Note that the development of our service is based on the satisfaction of our customers. The second option is courier delivery.

Finally, the key advantage is low prices due to a number of objective reasons. Firstly, this is a fundamental decision of the owners, and secondly, the lack of a number of logistical procedures at the intermediate, that is, the retail level allows significantly reducing the trade markup.

Delivery Terms

We have offered international delivery. There are two shipping options:

  • Airmail;
  • EMS Courier Delivery.

The timeframe of Airmail delivery is 2-3 weeks. The fee is $9.95. The timeframe of the express delivery is 3-8 business days. The fee is $19.95. This delivery type is limited by a list of countries. All the details are given by

Find all the answers to the question of the possible delays at custom. In fact, they will be informed about checking as it cannot be done without your prior permission. The orders are usually processed within 24 hours. As soon as your order is accepted, you will be sent an e-mail confirming all the order details. All the drugs included in an online catalog are usually in stock.

Payment Options

Currently, we offer only MasterCard as a payment means. We guarantee to expand payment options in the shortest period of time. Usually, these options include Visa, Discover, American Express, JCB and wire transfer. There are cases when Bitcoin or eChecks are accepted. We are ready to find the solution if you have no MasterCard if you address our customer care department.

Bestselling Products

We offer our customer a list containing bestselling products. It includes Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Viagra Professional, Propecia, Female Viagra, Cialis Profesional, Viagra Super Force, Ventolin, Clomid, ED sample pack, Brand Viagra, Doxycycline, Amoxil, Prednisone, Brand Cialis, Dapoxetine, Zithromax, Nolvadex, Cytotec, Viagra Super Active, Cialis and many others.

As you can see the majority of medications are taken from erectile dysfunction category. It means that men’s health is the most popular drug category. Our store helps men suffering from ED and premature ejaculation to enrich their sexual life. We also try to include other categories in this list.


Lilly O’Connor: “Thank you for the prompt delivery of my order! I am very glad that there was such a service because it is not always possible to come for the right medications with a small child.”

Elizabeth Blackburn: “I ordered first-aid kits for my working place, I was pleasantly surprised at the time they brought and the prices pleased me. I suffer from psoriasis and now I would order there, cheaper. Thank!”

Ella Walters: “Having made one order, I was pleasantly surprised at the service. I am very pleased with politeness, tact, accuracy and timeliness. I made the second order without thinking, no need to go anywhere, everything will be brought home. Thanks, recommended service.”

Reece Whitehouse: “Hello! I am a regular customer for more than 2 years. Huge assortment, prices are significantly lower than in conventional pharmacies. Attentive and polite pharmacists and couriers. Delivery is always at a specified time. Everything is packed carefully. If anything needs to be put in the fridge, it will be delivered in a separate package. Many thanks for your work!”

Harvey Chandler: “I’m already doing the 5th order, very satisfied! Prices are lower than in the conventional drugstores, delivery is convenient, there is email notification of delivery – very convenient! The Internet is the trading space of the future, you are on the right way.”

Erin Pearce: “I recently started ordering through your website, everything suits me. A huge plus I think that you can order without limiting the number of products, prices are lower than in other either conventional or online pharmacies and the order is carried out quickly.”

Imogen Wood: “I express my gratitude for the operational work. It is convenient to make orders, that is, they warn the client in advance what is in-stock or not. Prices are much cheaper, which is very good.”

Our pharmacy is a way for you to maintain your health. You will find everything you need. Our pharmacists will take all their efforts to meet your needs.

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